Our Vancouver Warehouse’s Amazon Prep Service Rates

Master Carton Forwarding Rates*

Master Carton WEIGHT Rate per carton
Up to 10 kg Up to 22 lbs CAD 6.00
11-16 kg 23-35lbs CAD 8.00
17-23 kg 36-50lbs CAD 10.00
24-27 kg 51-60lbs CAD 12.00

Master Carton Forwarding Service (multiple SKUs or single SKU shipped out by the UPS) Includes:

Pallet Forwarding Rate*

Pallet Forwarding Rate: CAD 120/pallet

Pallet Forwarding Service (single SKU per pallet) Includes:

* Master Carton and Pallet Forwarding Rates do not include transportation to Amazon warehouses. These are the rates for the specified warehousing services only.

Monthly Storage Rate

Monthly Storage Rate*: CAD 40/pallet

* Temporary storage up to 365 days

* Monthly storage rate is prorated on a daily basis

* Subject to SC Integrators’ Warehouse Receipt Terms and Conditions

Temporary Storage Includes: